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(WJRT) - Scary dash cam video you’ll see *only on ABC12 as a suspect steals a Michigan State Police car, driving recklessly through Bay City neighborhood streets. The incident happened last month, but today ABC12 News obtained the dash cam and in-car video of how a man was able to jump in the driver’s seat of the police car and drive off. The Michigan State Police trooper was able to get out of the way of his own patrol car. The man who stole it drove through some Bay City neighborhoods at high speeds, going through stop signs along the way. It was around 9:30 in the evening of July 12th and a Michigan State Police trooper is pulling over a Chevy Malibu with an invalid plate near Cass and Fraser in Bay City. “You have drivers license, registration, proof of insurance,” the trooper asks the driver. The man driving the car, 19 year old Rockyon Poole told the trooper he had none of those things. The trooper asked Poole to step out of the car and Poole was searched. “Anything illegal in the car,” the trooper can be heard asking Poole. “You don’t mind if I check real quick,” the trooper asked. The trooper put handcuffs on Poole. The man who actually owned the car and a female were asked to step out of the vehicle as well. The trooper began searching the car, but then escorted Poole to the state police SUV after the trooper found crack pipes in the car Poole had been driving. The two other people were also in handcuffs. “You guys really realize how nasty crack is?”, the trooper asked Poole’s friends. On the in-car camera video, you can see Poole sitting in the back seat of the SUV and appears to be attempting to get out of the handcuffs. Meanwhile, the trooper continues his search of the suspect’s vehicle and after seven minutes, Poole successfully slips his legs through the handcuffs and gets his hands in front of him. After a few seconds, he jumps in the driver seat of the police SUV. His friends who are still in handcuffs and leaning up against the SUV are surprised when the SUV backs up, and Poole takes off.

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Among the records they're seeking are images of mail-in ballot envelopes, security keys for administrator-level access to voting machines, copies of internet routers, a diagram of the county's network and a copy of the county's voter-registration database. Cotton said the antivirus software on vote-counting machines hasn't been updated since 2019. The county responded that the machines are "air gapped," or disconnected from the internet to prevent remote hacking. "Installing security patches would be changing the system that was certified," county officials wrote on Twitter. Logan pointed to ballots that were not printed in alignment between the front and back, saying the mismatch could allow ink to bleed through and be counted for the wrong candidate on the other side, though he did not provide any evidence that this had happened. The allegation harkens back to the "Sharpiegate" conspiracy theory that arose in the days after the election. Election experts say bleed through doesn't affect the vote count because bubbles on one side of a ballot don't align with those on the other, and any ballots appearing to vote for more than one candidate would be flagged. Logan also said counting teams have struggled to match damaged ballots to their duplicates. Ballots unreadable by machines are duplicated by bipartisan teams, with the original set aside and the duplicate counted. And he said there are inconsistent voter registration records that can't be reconciled without more data. There is no constitutional mechanism for President Biden's victory to be overturned, and Fann has said that the audit is aimed only at identifying improvements for future elections. But Mr. Trump and many of his supporters hope the Arizona audit will support his fraud claims and lead to reviews in other states. The auditors and lawmakers disputed Maricopa County's argument that the machines given to the Senate can't be used in future elections because they were handled by uncertified individuals. The County on Wednesday approved $2.8 million to lease new machines for the 2022 election. "We have exactly a bit-for-bit image of these systems as we received them," Cotton said. "We did not modify, we did not change any chips, we did not access anything other than the hard drives for those systems." Meanwhile, a Maricopa County judge ruled Thursday that records about the audit are public documents under the state's open records law, rejecting an argument by lawyers for the Senate that records maintained by Cyber Ninjas and other private firms do not need to be publicly released. First published on July 16, 2021 / 1:33 PM © 2021 CBS Interactive Inc.