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New, more powerful computers have allowed researchers to run more detailed climate models more frequently, and scientists have developed a wider variety of climate models since the early days of extreme event attribution, more of which are tuned specifically to answer questions about extreme weather events. “Years ago, most of the questions were still about, ‘Is the climate changing, and, if it is, are humans to blame?'” says Van Aalst. “Now we’re really interested in the questions, ‘If the climate is changing, how is it going to materialize? What sort of impacts should we be worried about? How fast is it changing? And particularly not just how the average is changing, but how are these really extreme events that hit us much harder changing?'” Experience has made a difference as well, with the teams’ efforts becoming more seamless and coordinated over time. “It’s partly the quality of the tools and the number of tools,” Van Aalst says, explaining how the attributions have gotten faster. “But it’s particularly our fine-tuning of the process. We’ve got these steps; we know what we need to do. We know how we need to line up with each other to be able to put these pieces together.” “The group is often made up of people across many time zones,” adds Gabriel Vecchi, a Princeton University climate scientist involved in the recent study. “You’ll see the edits in the documents to proceed with the sun as it’s day somewhere.” Pablo Miranda cools off in the Salmon Springs Fountain on June 27, 2021 in Portland, Oregon. The group’s findings on the recent heat wave sent ripples through the climate journalism community, shifting vague, hedging language (“likely linked to climate change”) into a more definitive and urgent framing backed up by the data—that this event would have been essentially impossible without human climate impacts. WWA scientists say they’re often able to analyze heat waves faster than other events, like hurricanes or drought, because the connection between a warming climate and localized temperature extremes is relatively straightforward, atmospherically speaking. (Attributing the catastrophic 2019-2020 Australian Bushfires to climate change, for instance, was a more complicated task, partly because the fires were driven by many different weather factors, like heat and lack of rain, each with their own relationship to the global climate.) The report also noted other disconcerting implications of the heat wave that have made clear the importance—and sheer strangeness—of what occurred in the atmosphere over western North America last month, the period that the study covered. Namely, the Pacific Northwest heat wave agree with was so extreme that it would be highly unlikely to occur even accounting for global warming caused by greenhouse gases, suggesting either climatory bad luck or a gap in scientific understanding of extreme heat events. “We have to ask ourselves, ‘Are we missing something?'” says Vecchi. “It’s always possible that we were just unlucky; really, really unlucky. And it’s also possible that there is something that we still need to learn how to account for better.” Even so, the WWA’s work represents a paradigm shift in a research world that typically runs at the months- or years-long timescales of journal publication and peer review. (The group submits its work for peer review, but publishes in pre-review form.) Facing a deepening climate crisis and continuing fossil fuel-sponsored misdirection and “greenwashing” initiatives, climate scientists may have little choice about changing the nature of their work to suit the times, both by accelerating their efforts and focusing on newsmaking and alarming events, like the recent heat wave. “Now the studies are targeted to pick on events that are particularly important to people, and which the media might actually pay some attention to,” says Michael Oppenheimer, a Princeton climate scientist who serves on the board of Climate Central, a group that helped launch WWA. “There’s no point going through this exercise involving dozens of scientists if it’s something that you think no one’s going to care about.” Get our climate newsletter.

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Every occupant must use the seat belt provided, unless they have a valid Certificate of Exemption. Children under 3 can’t travel unless they’re in an appropriate child restraint. Disabled drivers or passengers may need to use specially adapted belts which may be different from standard belts. You should check with Mobility Centres who may know about suppliers in your area. For further information see Seat belts in minibuses, coaches and other buses (PDF, 34 KB) . Small vehicles and minibuses used under a section 19 permit are exempt from having a tachograph fitted. Volunteer drivers are not subject to any drivers’ hours rules. Drivers who are employees of the permit holder are subject to domestic drivers’ hours rules . In most cases large buses will need to have a tachograph fitted and used, and the driver will be subject to EU drivers’ hours rules. The vehicle may be fitted with an analogue or digital tachograph if it’s registered before 1 May 2006. A vehicle must be fitted with a digital tachograph if it’s registered on or after 1 May 2006 . You should contact DVSA if you’re not sure what rules apply for your operations. Section 19 small and large bus permits issued prior to 6 April 2009 will remain valid until further notice. Additionally, with effect from 6 April 2009, existing small bus permits may be used with vehicles which can carry 8 or fewer passengers. However, the passengers must be carried at separate fares. A private hire vehicle ( PHV ) or taxi licence will be needed if passengers are carried for hire or reward but not at separate fares. These licences are issued by your local licensing authority. Please refer to the ‘Definitions’ above and Annex 6 for examples of separate fares. Community bus permits are issued to bodies that operate vehicles without a view to profit and are concerned for the social and welfare needs of one or more communities, and that want to run a local bus service on a non profit making basis. Vehicles being used under a community bus permit can carry members of the general public.