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Attainment of ISO 15189 Standards: Medical Council accredits Navy Reference Hospitals in Lagos, Calabar **As Naval Chief orders Upgrade of Equipment in other NN Hospitals. The Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) on Thursday in Abuja presented two accreditation certificates to the Nigerian Navy for attaining the International Standard Organization (ISO) 15189 laboratory standard for two of its hospitals in the country. This is just as the Chief of the Naval Staff; Vice Admiral Awwal Zubairu Gambo has expressed the commitment of the Navy under his watch to ensure “that all our hospitals’ laboratories are upgraded in infrastructure and manpower as obtainable in its reference hospitals. Consequently, he tasked the Commanders and Commandants of navy hospitals and other medical facilities to work towards ensuring achieving the upgrades. The CNS disclosure came against the backdrop of the ISO imp source certificates going to the Nigerian Navy reference hospitals in Ojo, Lagos and Calabar. He said, “When the opportunity to pursue accreditation for our laboratories was presented, the NN embraced it because laboratory services are at the centre of accurate diagnosis of diseases. “The laboratory provides the empirical data upon which clinical decisions are made which explains the increasing emphasis on laboratory results for diagnosis and management of patients. Then, no efforts should be spared in ensuring that the results are always accurate and reliable. Commending the Medical Laboratory Science Council for its good job in regulating the practice and improving laboratory services in Nigeria, Vice Admiral Gambo said, “I am confident that we can rely on your continued support to ensure that all our hospitals’ laboratories are upgraded in infrastructure and manpower as required”. Declaring that the NN requires a healthy workforce to effectively discharge its constitutional responsibilities, a requirement which cannot be over-emphasized, the CNS said, “Though the ships and other equipment and facilities remain indispensable, however, without a healthy workforce, the ships cannot fight and the navy cannot be able to protect our maritime assets and territorial integrity”. He said the provision of quality healthcare to personnel and their families constitute a key welfare responsibility of the Nigerian navy adding, “It is the cornerstone of NN’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to ‘our’ host communities”. Continuing he said, “In view of the importance of quality healthcare, the Nigerian Navy has committed enormous resources to the development and maintenance of its medical facilities. The most recent that has turned out as national pride, is the recently commissioned ultra-modern Nigerian navy reference hospital Calabar. “Like other NN medical facilities, this facility is equipped with state of the art facilities and is open to personnel of the NN and their families, personnel of sister services and other security agencies. More importantly, our facilities are also open to the general public who constitute the majority of its clients, and we remain committed to this endeavour.  Earlier, the Registrar and CEO of the Council (MLSCN), Dr Tosan Erhabor said the certificate awards were a culmination of the tireless efforts of the Nigerian Navy leadership who deployed resources towards ensuring the right personnel, equipment, environment, policy and processes are put in place to achieve the goal. While congratulating the Nigerian Navy for accreditations, he said, “All over the world, accreditation is considered as an enabler of quality and a core component of good clinical management. It is patient-focused, impartial and objective, and it is also the hallmark of quality. It is rigorous and may seem daunting, requiring a significant amount of sacrifice. “But for those facilities that care to embrace the process, accreditation also confers certain benefits including providing a mechanism for quality improvement, providing an independent assurance of quality and safety that supports decisions on how to deliver better healthcare and value for patients, providing assurance that staff providing services are competent to undertake tasks they perform. “It provides an opportunity for external perspectives on the laboratory practice and it provides national recognition since it is based on international standard”, he added.


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Flood damage in Erftstadt, Germany, on Friday. These intensifying disasters now striking richer countries, she said, show that developing countries seeking the world’s help to fight climate change “have not been crying wolf.” Indeed, even since the 2015 Paris Agreement was negotiated with the goal of averting the worst effects of climate change, global emissions have kept increasing. China is the world’s biggest emitter today. Emissions have been steadily declining in both the United States and Europe, but not at the pace required to limit global temperature rise. A reminder of the shared costs came from Mohamed Nasheed, the former president of the Maldives, an island nation at acute risk from sea level rise. ‘I am heartbroken’: Returning home to devastation, with a sense of shock. “While not all are affected equally, this tragic event is a reminder that, in the climate emergency, no one is safe, whether they live on a small island nation like mine or a developed Western European state,” Mr. Nasheed said in a statement on behalf of a group of countries that call themselves the Climate Vulnerable Forum. Municipal vehicles sprayed water in central Moscow on July 7 to fight midday heat.Credit...Alexander Nemenov/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images The Bootleg Fire in southern Oregon this week.Credit...John Hendricks/Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal, via Associated Press The ferocity of these disasters is as notable as their timing, coming ahead of the global talks in Glasgow to try to reach agreement on fighting climate change. The world has a poor track record on cooperation so far, and, this month, new diplomatic tensions emerged. Among major economies, the European Commission last week introduced the most ambitious road map for change. It proposed laws to ban the sale of gas and diesel cars by 2035, require most industries to pay for the emissions they produce, and most significantly, impose a tax on imports from countries with less stringent climate policies. But those proposals are widely expected to meet vigorous objections both from within Europe and from other countries whose businesses could be threatened by the proposed carbon border tax, potentially further complicating the prospects for global cooperation in Glasgow. The events of this summer come after decades of neglect of science. Climate models have warned of the ruinous impact of rising temperatures. An exhaustive scientific assessment in 2018 warned that a failure to keep the average global temperature from rising past 1.5 degrees Celsius, compared to the start of the industrial age, could usher in catastrophic results, from the inundation of coastal cities to crop failures in various parts of the world. The report offered world leaders a practical, albeit narrow path out of chaos. It required the world as a whole to halve emissions by 2030.